Grill • Bake • Sear • Smoke • Cook

Wood + Lump Charcoal Fired
304 Stainless Steel
Made in the USA
Fully Insulated
Unsurpassed Heat Containment
Record breaking Startup Time
Extremely Durable

Not just a Grill. . . An All-in-one Unit

Silver Rocket Medium

Our best selling

Silver Rocket model.



Silver Rocket Small

Perfect for the Family



Silver Rocket Large

The Silver Rocket for

the serious grillmaster






Silver Rocket Tailgaiter

A quality grill on the go.



SR 304 with Cabinets

Take our best seller to a higher level



Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking with you in mind.



Silver Rocket Accessories

Make the best of the best grill,

with all the best tools.



Silver Rocket Features

16 Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel Lid Insulated with 2600° F Ceramic.
Supplied Ash Clean-out Tool and Grate Lifting Tool
Stainless Steel Solid Bar Grate
4″ Stem Premium Polyurethane Casters with Wheel Locks
3 Shelf Hooks per Shelf
Upper and Lower Vents
4″ Tru-temp Thermometer
Stainless Steel Rocket Style Handle
Self Cleaning Stainless Hinge with Lid Stops


Grill is designed for a 125° to 700° F range. Heat is controlled by opening and closing the vents. For most Smoking and Grilling applications, you only need to fill the fire box once with charcoal. Cook in slow cook mode for days on a single load of charcoal.


Ready for a Silver Rocket of your own?

Ready for a Silver Rocket of your own?